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Segment 1:  Review last week's topics:  2014 Elections and voter apathy

Segment 2:  Messaging for Conservatives - How do you defeat Santa Clause?

Segment 3:  Phone Calls, Campaign Ads- negative/contrast pieces, no need to tell the truth

Segment 4:  Generational differences and the growth of the "entitlement right"

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Segment 1: Elections and Campain

Segment 2: The news of the week- ebola, ISIS/ISIL, Secret Service

Segment 3: The new third party- platform, name, principles

Segment 4: The "BS Party" Foreign Policy, military, phone calls

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George was on his own today.  Jamie still hasn't returned from an evening of snipe hunting!  We had some great discussions with guests Ron Ponder and Rep. Brad Wenstrup as well as a couple great listener phone calls.

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Segment 1:  Ron Ponder of 1480 WHBC, perspectives and the need for open minded discussion.

Segment 2:  BHO speeches the past week, Climate Change, Ferguson comparison to Middle East

Segment 3:  Rep. Brad Wenstrup on military actions and VA status

Segment 4:  Phone calls, Climate Change, Importance of School Boards and Judges

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