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It seems every arm of our government is watching, listening and tracking our every move, but who is keeping on eye on the government?

We are!  ...but we need your help. 

A new Predator drone with an ok camera costs about $5 million and can only be at one place at a time.  The BS cash reserves can't quite cover that kind of expense.  But what we lack in sophistication we can accomplish with sheer numbers and our own phones and pens!

Social networking can build a powerful surveillance and news reporting system.  It's time to speak your mind!

  • Report from your local city council and trustee meetings
  • Describe your ideas for addressing today's issues
  • What news items capture your attention
  • Who do you want to hear and what questions should they answer

Use whatever method you enjoy most:  Tweet with the hashtag #BSDrone, post to our Facebook Page BSOnTheIssues, or leave a message on our tip-line (513)400-4227. 

WPSR Gift CertificateIf you need extra incentive, our friends at
The Washington Platform Saloon & Restaurant
are offering a free lunch ($10) to the best drone reports. 
So, what's on your mind???

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